Voigtländer versus SLR Magic

Voigtländer versus SLR Magic

Posted On: January 24, 2013
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voigtlander versus slrmagic-1

So, today I did comparison between my much loved Voigtländer 25mm 0.95 (Maybe I love the 17,5mm even more) and a lens from a small company in Hong Kong that keeps surprising us with great lenses. I think SLR Magic is the most interesting company for Micro Four Thirds right now. Before I used their 12mm 1.6 and their 35mm 1.4. I especially love the wide one which is now also available with a gear ring for follow focus.

Both lenses feel robust. The Voigtländer focusses as smooth as butter. It’s such a pleasure to use that lens. The SLR Magic 25mm is not as smooth. There is also a tiny, tiny bit of slack on the focus ring when you turn it. Maybe preproduction fault. Not sure. Let’s hope. The Voigtländer does not have a lens gear to use a follow focus. The 25mm SLR magic does have one. Minimum focus distance of the SLR Magic will be 26cm, while the Vogitländers minimum focus distance is 17 cm.


I actually dislike a scientific approach to compare lenses. A great video or photo is not about the sharpness, coma, blur or other pixel peeping stuff. But since I had 2 lenses with the exact same focal length and lens speed I was curious if SLR magic would be able to ‘beat’ the Voigtländer.

I took my vintage Polaroid and shot it with both lenses in same condition. First fully open, both at o.95.

Here’s a 1:1 crop, both fully open.

voigtlander versus slrmagic1-1 crop 95

To my surprise the SLR magic is razor-sharp! It beats the Voigtländer.

Here’s the same set-up shot at f2.0

voigtlander versus slrmagic1-1 crop 2


The SLR Magic 25mm will be in the market cheaper then the Voigtländer. Not sure what the exact prize will be.

Click pic underneath to see the Voigtländer fully open in crispy quality.

voigtlander versus slrmagic-1

Click pic underneath to see the SLR Magic fully open in crispy quality.

voigtlander versus slrmagic-3

You can see the whole set in full resolution on my flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/22948809@N07/sets/72157632604080834/

I hope I will be able to do a video with the SLR magic 25mm soon. Promising lens!

25mm T0.95 will cost $799 but will come with a rebate offer for first two months.  After rebate lens is $649