Time-lapse with timer remote

Time-lapse with timer remote

Posted On: August 31, 2011
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This week my new timer remote arrived. It’s the Pixel Timer Remote Control TC-252. It’s a cheap device from eBay for just €43,90 Did not have time to check all features yet but I did create a simple set up just shooting the view from my office window. I set the remote to take the maximum of 99 stills. I guess this nr. 99 means it shoots till battery is dead or card is full because I stopped the remote after about 200 stills.

First I thought this remote did not work at all. But, it’s really annoying, you have to push in the tiny plug with FULL power, or even cut away the part of the plug that prevents it from going in all the way. Only then it’s connected the right way. Had the same problem with the RodeMicPro on the Panasonic GH2 in the past as well.

I took a shot every 4 seconds, then heavily photoshopped it, then created an action and batch to give the whole sequence this Corbijnesque feel.

Will do more timelapse shots soon, it’s worth a short film!

Music – Customs (intro from Rex)