New Noktor Hyperprime 12mm 1.6

New Noktor Hyperprime 12mm 1.6

Posted On: October 11, 2011
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There has always been a gap in the lens range for the GH2, a quality fast and wide angle lens for Micro Four Thirds was missing. There are some options around in the market, modified c-mounts, some work great, some not, but bokeh is often awful, and there is a lot of distortion. Another option would be the olympus 12mm. But it’s around € 700,-

SLR magic are working on a Noktor Hyperprime 12mm F1.6! And I am lucky to be able to test one. It’s still a prototype. There are working on final touches as we speak.

Some of you may now SLR magic, they have created fun toylenses and earlier this year I tested a prototype macro extension tube.

Some of you may know the name Noktor as well. Obviously the old Noktor company went out of business. SLR Magic will now design Noktor lenses and sell Noktor products under the SLR Magic brand.

I am lucky to have protype Noktor Hyperprime 12mm F1.6! I just received it.

On picture above you can see the hyperprime on the GH2 together with a step up ring (58-72mm) and a lightcraft 72mm fader ND (it’s needs to be that big otherwise it will vignette). You also see the Voigtländer 25mm

My first impressions of the lens are great. It feels robust and solid. Focus and aperture ring move as smooth as butter. 12mm looks like a nice wide angle view (like 24mm on 5D Mark II) and you can get nice shallow depth of field. I bett that this will be an awesome lens, especially outside,  when stopped down with ND. Lens has 12 aperture blades so nice round bokeh. I also noticed some very tiny movement in between mount and lens, not sure why, maybe because it’s a prototype it’s not completely finished yet. I will ask SLR Magic about this.

In EU and US the lens will be SLR Magic HyperPrime 12mm F1.6 with a SLR Magic black ring. (around End November or December 1011)

In other parts of the world it will be the Noktor HyperPrime 12mm F1.6 with the Noktor green ring (available in October 2011)

You can contact Noktor about questions about this lens.

Check out some other video’s with the same lens by Seb Farges and Andrew Reid who tested this lens as well.