installing gh2 hack with a mac

installing gh2 hack with a mac

Posted On: August 11, 2011
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Thanks to Vitaliy Kiselev there is a firmware hack available for the panasonic GH2. It’s still being developed and possibilities are increasing. I was a bit afraid myself to install the hack. Is it safe? Can it damage the camera? How do I install? Many reasons for not using it. But because great results can be seen online and sometimes this little plastic monster is even compared to RED I decided to try it.

It’s hard to find out, especially if your not a technical geek and if your on a mac, how to install it. Most info can be found at All info is there but it’s hard to find and there’s a lot of talk about technical stuff, the site is also PC orientated so it can be confusing sometimes.

How to install:

– First you need The hack software PTools, it’s a Windows app. You can download it here: (Latest version when I installed was 3.61, latest version right now is 3.62)
– Next thing you need is the original firmware. Download it here When downloaded It’s a file called GH2__V10E.bin Unzipp it and it becomes a .bin file
– So what to do with a .exe file if your on a mac? The solution is virtualisation software so you can open the .exe file. It’s called Wine Bottler.
– Install the file on your mac. I have put both ‘wine’ and ‘winebottler’ in my applications folder. Not sure if both are needed, but this way it worked for me. If you do know, please let me know. I started both apps.
– I then double-clicked the ptool3.exe file and I was able to open it! Following screen appeared.

– Press ‘load firmware’ and locate your GH2__V10.bin file. Open it.

– Select version increment and make sure the square box is ticked, then make sure you enter 10 just under the “enter increment”

– Under AVCHD Movie Mode select Video Bitrate 24H and set it to 42000000. Set Video Bitrate 24L to 35000000. I used these settings. Some people try even higher bitrates. But only play with these settings if you know what your doing! If not, like me, just use these. I always use the 24H setting, so this is the only one I needed to change. Some people also change GOP settings. I did not. Only play around if you know what your doing.

– Now save the firmware somewhere on your mac, call it GH2__V11, (make sure you spell right, 2 lower lines)

– copy this file to your SD card (root folder) and then insert it into your GH2

– You will need a battery with at least 2 marks left on the on-screen indicator, do not use a power source AC adapter!

– Turn on the GH2, enter the green playback button and an option to update the camera should appear.

– Select update and your GH2 is installing the new firmware!

– When finished, you’re done! When you now use the 1080 24 H setting it’s actually recoding in 42000000 bitrate!

– Everything at your own risk 🙂

– Tips? Let me know or share on

– Just saw a test on youtube with bitrates of 110 mb! Check:!