Gigantic breakdown

Gigantic breakdown

Posted On: February 15, 2011
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Because so many of you asked questions about the work process I used with the Panasonic GH2 I decided to write I little blog about the set up I used for creating ‘Gigantic’. Beside that i will give some info about the postproduction.
To be honest, the set up was pretty simple. Since I received my GH2 i have been shopping for lenses and decided to try out some c-mounts as well. One of the lenses I ordered was a Fujinon TV lens 9mm 1.4 (only €50,-)

With a C-mount to micro 4/3 adapter the lens fits perfectly. Well, almost perfectly, because the lens needs to be closer to the sensor to have infinity focus. So first I thought it was useless but while experimenting with it saw that extremely close to the lens the image was razor sharp. This gave me the idea of doing a macro shoot. I knew these close ups, with the right edit and soundtrack, could create an intense, almost David Lynch like atmo.

Used following settings:
pushed contrast +2
Sharpness -2
Saturation -2
24 p Cinema mode

First thing I did was entering the garden next to my office to shoot some flowers. The lens had to be literally in the flower to have it in focus. It was cloudy that day so I used 1K Fresnel light to give a sunny impression. Next thing I did was trying to catch some nice shots in and around my own house, luckily it was sunny that day so the first ladybirds were showing up. For the interiour shots I used a battery operated mini softbox which was very usefull because that way I could easily place it in between lens and object.

With a regular softbox this would not have been possible. Thanks to my cat, my wife, my hairy legs, my coffee machine and other domestic objects I shot all the macro goodness.

I edited in Final Cut Pro and then exported to After Effects to do some color correction. I used Magic Bullet and Sapphire Film Effects to do some desaturation and played with curves and gamma to pump up the reds a bit. Also added some light leaks to make the image even more intense. I created some light leaks myself in After Effects and tried shooting some with the GH2 without lens too. If you like light leaks you should visit Jesse Rosten’s site who wrote a short article about light leaks, he was also kind enough to share his own light leaks as well (If your too lazy to create it yourself)
Check out his site here

View the final work here