Dogschidt Optiks

Dogschidt Optiks

Posted On: July 18, 2013
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Recently I bought a TRUMP 58 mm lens from a very small company in the UK run by a few guys who bring new life into old vintage lenses. Dogschidt Optiks. They created a cine prime ‘effects
lens’ developed specifically for the discerning creative cinematographer. People, including me, seems to like a more vintage and less digital look. Dogschidt is succeeding in rehousing and customising lenses that make your footage look real shitty 🙂 If you use them the right way, it can be magic. The lenses they use are in fact old russian Helios 44-M 58mm F2.0 lenses. They modify them and make versions that can be customised on order. I own a original Helios lens and I already liked them in combination with some of my anamorphic lenses. The lenses are low contrast, they flare like crazy, and can be ordered with different tints. They call this customised lens the Flare Factory 58 (FF58).

TRUMP (3 of 7)

The FF58 TRUMP takes low-contrast original Flare Factory lens to the next level with a complete CNC machined rehousing, integrated focus gearing, integrated flare and contrast regulating hood system, and user interchangeable aperture elements. Allowing stylised, themed or custom branded bokeh effects. I am not a big fan of crazy aperture shapes, but the 1.5 and 2.0 bokeh shapes are looking very good and capable of making your footage look anamorphic. And without having an overpriced Iscorama you are able to rack focus!

TRUMP (1 of 7)

I ordered (ask DogSchidt for price, the TRUMP is not cheap lens, but keep in mind it’s customised by hand) the TRUMP FF58 with a Canon EF mount, the lens can be ordered with a Nikon and Arri PL mount as well. I’m looking foreword to use it with the upcoming speed booster (EF-M4/3) to make the lens even faster and a bit wider on my GH3.


Above you can see a picture taken with the TRUMP FF58. I also created a short film, with the TRUMP. An ode to summer!

Did a bit of color correction, underneath you can see what I did. But original footage is looking great (real shitty) as well.

cc summer copy