Anatomy of shooting anamorphic.

Anatomy of shooting anamorphic.

Posted On: February 1, 2012
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Like to share my 16mm anamorphic set up because to many people is is not clear how these lenses are attached. This is a set up with a Sankor 16C anamorphic.

I also tried the Sankor together with a Canon FD 50mm 1.4. Then it is slightly vignetting. Together with the Voigtländer 25mm in crop mode is working well but not as wide as with the Helios 58mm. So here’s the list:

#Lightcraft fader ND (Very useful when shooting outside)

#Redstan front filter clamp (Front Sankor has no thread, thats why you need this for attaching diopters or ND)

#The Sankor 16C (16mm anamorphic projection lens)

#Redstan anamorphic lens clamp (I have been told these are one of the best)

#Helios M42 58mm (very cheap vintage russian lens, check eBay)

#Adapter M42 to Micro 4/3 (I bought one that does not push aperture pin of Helios, when not pushed you cannot control aperture and lens is fully open all the time, so try to buy an adapter pushed this pin!)

#Piece of pencil eraser is used to keep the aperture pin of the Helios, inside the mount, in. (this solves the aperture pin problem)