Anamorphic lenses

Anamorphic lenses

Posted On: January 10, 2012
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Recently I have become interested in anamorphic lenses. The anamorphic lens captures the image looking as if it had been stretched vertically. This distortion is then reversed in edit or with projection, resulting in a wider aspect ratio on-screen than that of the frame as recorded on film or digital media. So recording stretched, then de-stretch to get all that image info into the de-stretched image… Following me?
Classic movies like Jaws, Pulp Fiction, Alien or Startrek are recorded with anamorphics.
Today these lenses and this technique can also be used with Digital camera’s like the Canon Mark 5D, or the Panasonic GH2. There are many, many different lenses. Some are rubbish, some are excellent. The squeeze factor is different depending on the type of anamorphic. The purpose of this all is to get a nice widescreen image with shallow depth of field, nice horizontal flare, stretched bokeh and a classic film look.

Andrew from EOSHD wrote a ‘book’ about anamorphics with lots of useful information. You can find it here:

Till now I managed to get 2 lenses. One originally for 35mm The ISCO Gottingen Anamorphotic Kiptar 2x and one for 16mm, the Sankor 16C. These lenses have to be positioned in front of your ‘normal’ lens. You will need clamps and other stuff to get those anamorphics at the right position on front of your taking lens. Not an easy job. Still working on right clamps and ways to attach the anamorphics the proper way.

I will keep you updated about my experiences!